Broadway Ltd 3217 N Scale PA UP #607 (Union Pacific) Locomotive w/Paragon2 Sound/DC/DCC

Broadway Ltd 3217 N PA UP #607 (Union Pacific) w/Sound
Broadway Ltd 3217 N PA UP #607 (Union Pacific) w/Sound
Item# bwl3217

Product Description

Historical Information: PA and PB diesel locomotives were produced by Alco between 1946 and 1953.

This Broadway Limited N Scale PA locomotive is equipped with the Paragon2 sound and control system. This modelís many features include an integral DCC Decoder with Back EMF for slow speed Operation in DC and DCC, a precision drive mechanism engineered for continuous heavy load towing and smooth slow speed operation, a 5-pole can motor with skewed armature & dual fly wheels, authentic paint schemes, prototypical light operation with golden white LED headlight, separately applied details such as grab irons, steps, and ladders, operating sprung diaphragms, constant intensity directional lighting, traction tire-equipped for maximum traction, ABS body with die cast chassis, and (2) Micro Trains #1015 couplers.

Note: Recommended Minimum Radius: 9.75 inches.

Sound features include record and play operation (records and plays back sound and movement for automatic operation), 16-bit sample rate for exceptional high frequency sound clarity, playback whistle for multiple whistle lengths and patterns, choice of 3 selectable whistles and horns, alternate whistle and horn (where applicable for locomotive with air horn and steam whistle - both the main whistle and alternate can be easily played), adjustable bell ringing interval for faster or slower bell, and numerous user-mappable functions with available keys. Passenger station, freight yard, lumber yard, farm, crew radio communications, and maintenance yard ambient sounds are all controlled with function keys. Features also include a demo mode for display and demonstrations, grade crossing automatic signal, 8 diesel motor revs, simple programming with integral DCC decoder, automatic forward and reverse signal (when activated, stopping triggers and stop whistle toot, and when moving forward from a stopped position, toots twice, and when moving in reverse. toots three times.). The engine sound intensity varies with load and there are individually adjustable sound volumes for each effect. There is also an EZ Reset Button for quick return to the factory default settings.

Note: Use DCMaster for DC sound.

Note: Product image may have a different road number.

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